((Alrighty~!! I’ve decided to move to a different blog for a fresh start. My art style has changed over time so I’m gonna try to stick a consistent art style))

((So yeah….. go here))

((Askbox closed and break))

((I have alot of stuff I need to get done so I don’t have so much time for asks sadly :’C Hope you guys have had a great New year thou!!))

((They have a household rule that noone is allowed to say “Teatime” around Percy))

((Curtis…………… doesn’t like dealing with things))

((Kid’s week))

((Gonna answer LeJack kids!AU this week because FRICK You guys keep asking questions about them so why the frigg not?? You can them as teens, kids or ask Le Mime about his kids/ babies I guess. *shrugs*))

((No cookies for Le Mime))